The Province invites investment in the production and processing of organically certified honey and byproducts such as beeswax, candles, and propolis.

The Province is rich in several minerals – copper, iron, gold, uranium, cobalt, and manganese, to name but a few.

The Province encourages investments in processing of copper within the Province.

The province also has potential for oil deposits and provides mineral oil exploration deposits.

In support of Government policy on Diversification, exploitation and processing of other minerals is highly recommended.

The hive of activities resulting from high population growth, and rich cultural events calls for more investments in lodges and hotels.

Position yourself to supply food to the lodges and hotels at affordable rates.

Organize Tours

With so many tourist events and a number of natural heritage sites, you can be better placed to organize tours for tourists in the Province.

Visit Tourist Sites

  • Source of the Mighty Zambezi, Ikelenge

–      Source of the Kafue River, Munshindamo

  • Mutanda Falls, Solwezi
  • Nyambwezu Falls, Mwinilunga
  • Kifubwa Rock Shelter, Solwezi
  • Nyaunda Rock, Mwinilunga
  • Visit the Game Parks


The Province is endowed with rich Natural Resources such as;

  • Abundant mineral resources – Endowed with copper, iron, zinc, gold, lead, limestone, cobalt, graphite, manganese, uranium, tin, diamond, pyrite, talc, kaolinite, amethyst, beryl, bismuth and salt.
  • Fertile soils– Soils suitable for various crops and livestock development
  • Abundant rain and water resources – Adequate for fisheries, irrigation, construction, dams and industrial use.
  • Abundant vegetation – Rich indigenous vegetation including mukula, rosewood and saninga trees, and vast grasslands suitable for timber production and beekeeping among others.
  • Vibrant Labour Force – Both Skilled and Non-Skilled
  • Available Markets – The Province borders with two potential markets, Congo DR in the North and Angola in the west. It also borders with three Provinces being Copperbelt, Western and Central Provinces of Zambia.