The specific objectives include:

  • To undertake a deliberate, coordinated and sustained marketing effort driven by Provincial Administration by ensuring that investors are adequately informed and educated on investment potential in various sectors while investors are sensitized about potential investment opportunities in the Province
  • Ensure presence of adequate promotional products that are communicated through wide reaching media and encourages real time interaction among stakeholders with investors and group attendance of cultural events and visits to heritage sites
  • Ensure the Expo North-West, Zambia 2019 is informed by the desired destination identity of the Province;
  • To trigger investment in the Province through attracting of both local and international investors;
  • Provide an avenue for investors and the residents of North Western to gain greater access to information and alternative economic potential options available; and

To stimulate Province led development implementation through dialogue and collaboration with all key stakeholders by collectively addressing the gaps in the development agenda for sustained and shared growth for North Western Province