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Kasempa Ready For Investment In Honey And Timber Production

By Helen Witti

Kasempa honey and timber potential beckons for investment As the North-western Province gears towards its Investment Expo, slated for 18th to 24th August this year, the Forestry Department has started positioning the natural honey and timber resources in Kasempa district as assets ready to be tapped for investment.

According to District Forestry Officer Kibbra Mweetwa, Kasempa is endowed with Miombo woodland type of vegetation, rich in species like the Brachystegia (Musamba), Julbrnardia Panielata (Mutondo) and Marquesia that are major sources of nectar loved by bees to make honey.

Mr. Mweetwa told NAIS that Kasempa harvests a total of 167.98 tonnes of honey each collection season.

Honey production promises higher returns on investment, with a ton of natural honey fetching between US$1,500 and US$2,900 at the current market price.

The forestry officer also notes that there is less use of chemicals on the farm in Kasempa, which creates an environment conducive for bees to breed hence, the high production for honey.

Beyond the honey potential, Mr. Mweetwa counts a variety of timber species as yet another available opportunity for investors to look at as they come for the Northwestern, Expo North West Zambia 2019, which is dubbed ‘Unveiling the Hidden Treasures’ Kasempa is a hub of pterocarspus angolensis popularly known as mukwa and faurea saliga commonly known as saninga which are suited for high value timber production. In addition to honey and timber potential, Kasempa has more than 29,000 hectares of community forests in which a bountiful of mushrooms grows naturally. #NAIS

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