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Why you Must Participate

North West Expo, Why you must Participate. 

By Bwite Lukama.

 North Western Province will hold its Investment Expo dubbedthe Northwest Expo under the theme “Unveiling the Hidden Treasures”.The expo kick starts on the 18th of August and concludes in the stainless sands of Likumbi Lya Mize on the 24th. Arguably, this Expo should by far be the most sort off and most successful expo this Country should ever witness. This will require input from each and every man and woman of good will. 

More than three quarters of the land in North Western is covered in expensive natural Resources. You have Gemstones, gold and copper,all littered in this Province. We have Rose wood. For any Investment you have,whether its a mine you own in the rural area of Mufumbwe or a lodge on the banks of Zambezi River in  Zambezi, this expo will give you a platform to grow, sell or invest steadily in the business. Establishing a presence is key,whether big or small, this expo will give you a powerful platform for meeting world accredited and reliable investors, reaching out to your existing clientèle,and building a more established and reliable brand. 

 Apart from individual benefits, the Province has a chance to be the hub of investment this year. During this expo, we will  demonstrate North Western’s presence on the worlds business platform, putting our rich oil,minerals, Safaris, waterfalls etc on the international shelf. This will intern bring investments that will propel this Province. There is everything new about North Western Province. Tells of new discoveries of expensive potential trade products are always coming up. During this period, the Province will present these new Resources. We shall use this expo to maintain contact and invester confidence with existing investors hugely because of our stability in both traditional rulers and government Administrations. On a larger scale, this expo will be used to acquire more investors. In doing so, a lot of information will be shared between investors and the public. The public will learn much investments, how big entities like mines, tourism firms run and acquire a more stable business base. When the public understands this, everyone will help in building a good image of this Province.

This expo will also help us identify the investors needs so that we focus on those needs which will bring in direct investments. Local Companies as well as the public, will have access to Complete , synthetic and neutral information which will help them evaluate business offers from different visiting potential investors and excellent comparability of offers. The expo will also create a platform for better interactions. This will be an opportunity for business oriented dialogue and exchange of opinions and establish first contacts with potential investors, Customers or sellers of products.

In the case of local Companies, you must Participate in this event. Branding is a huge aspect of business success, especially in industries that depend on trust and reputation like mines. Exhibiting at this years Expo is a wonderful way to tell your industry that your company is serious,reliable, and large enough to afford its own presence at leading events and conferences like the Northwest Expo. By using your exhibit strategically, you can even be in the presence of big multinational Companies and cement your being part of a niche within your market. Being in such a set up will create a powerful psychological image that can help your company move from ‘startup’ to‘established brand’ in the eyes of investors. See you at this years North-West Expo.

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