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Traditional leaders in Zambezi district have overwhelmingly endorsed expo North west Zambia 2019.

Senior chief Ndungu’s prime minister, Patrick Fumbelo commended government for coming up with the initiative to hold an expo to bring investment to the province.

Mr. Fumbelo called on everyone in the district to unite and avoid tribal conflicts.

Meanwhile, senior chief Ishindi’s prime minister, Jonnas Kantumoya said the expo is expected to bring economic growth  and improve the lives of people in the area.

The duo said this in Zambezi today during a special district development coordinating committee meeting to sensitize stakeholders on the province expo scheduled for August 18 to 24, this year.

North western province permanent secretary Willies Mangimela said Zambezi district is one of the areas in the country with the most attractive investment potential.

Mr. Mangimela said the district has vast natural resources such as perenial waters, forests, gas and oil among others which have not been exploited.

He said North west expo is an opportunity to source for investment which will bring the much needed development to the area.

Mr. Mangimela called on government departments in the district to offer technical assistance to chiefs in preparing for the event.

Speaking during the same event, expo North west coordinator, Christopher Bwalya disclosed that all chiefdoms in the province will be accorded a chance to showcase their cultural presentations during a gala night that will be held in Solwezi.

Mr. Bwalya said the expo committee acknowledges all the tribes in the province and will not leave any of them behind in showcasing the rich culture that the region has.



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