SIRPRYZE Continental Zambia Limited Vice President David Pasa has announced his company will this year begin to build a smart resort city in Samfya’s Senior Chief Kalasa Mukoso’s Chiefdom.

Dr. Pasa who is also Regional Group Representative, said when he held a meeting with Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa in Lusaka Tuesday.

Dr. Pasa said the $8 Billion contract had been awarded to Sulpota Group, a Belgian construction firm.

He said construction works would commence before the end of the year after resettlement of the people on the land allocated for construction.

Dr. Pasa said the smart city would be developed alongside an industrial infrastructure park to support it.

Asked if he was not just dreaming things that would not be real, Dr. Pasa challenged naysayers to wait for the commencement of the project adding nothing started without a dream.

“We are building a smart resort city which is similar to Dubai, this is not a dream but reality. The city will sit on over 40,000 hectares of land and the Chief will have 13 percent shares in the project as compared to projects where Chiefs can only have three percent shares,” Dr. Pasa said.

He said the industrial infrastructure park was meant to support the city by creating thousands of jobs to guarantee people’s buying power.

And Dr. Pasa has assured Mr. Chilangwa his company would wholeheartedly support the Luapula Expo and Investment Conference.

He said the company would not only partner with the Provincial administration but also exhibit at the first ever investment showpiece.

During the meeting, Dr. Pasa handed over a hard copy of the memorandum of understanding.