People and Culture

LUAPULA Province has a number of ethnic groups which are in each district. Sometimes each district may have two or three ethnic groups-(tribes) which speak Bemba dialects. These tribes are rich in culture and proverbs. The proverbs are rich and useful in the sense that they enable people to talk about some secret issues without young ones or an alien to apprehend what they are talking about.

They are these same ethnic groups that perform assorted dances, according to their culture. Among them are Imfunkutu being performed by the Cishinga speaking people of Kawambwa district, Akalela performed by the Unga speaking people of Lunga district. Also the people of Samfya district perform the same Kalela dance. It is in this dance when the conductor, (who usually blow the whistle) as controlling and directing dancers. When he says “forward…forward…” Then dancers start going backwards. Icilumwa-lumwa and Icinkwasa performed during the Mutomboko ceremony which performed by Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda speaking people of now Mwansabombwe district.

These are just a few of the dances performed in that province that someone cannot afford to miss. In this we can simple and safely say that Luapula Province is never short of entertainments, this is in all communities. All communities or villages have at least two to four groups, that perform such dances as the way of providing entertainments at bigger gatherings.

They are these same performances that can be recorded and give tremendous entertainment to some other people out there, during the relaxation times.