Zambia has an enormous demand for energy and its central location gives it access to wider markets for this commodity. The potential to make Zambia an energy hub is massive, due to its massive investment potential. Particularly, Luapula Province has great potential for investment in mining, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and other service industries. But for this potential to be unlocked, the prerequisite is the development of electrical power both from hydro and other sources such as solar and other forms of clean energy.

The potential hydro-electric power generation sites in Luapula are as follows:

Site Estimated Generation Capacity (MW) River District
Kabwelume falls 96 Kalungwishi River Kawambwa
Kundabwike falls 151 Kalungwishi River Kawambwa
Lumangwe falls 68 Kalungwishi River Kawambwa
Mambilima falls Site 1 124 Luapula River Mwense
Mambilima falls Site 2 190 Luapula River Mwense
Mumbotuta falls Site 1 190 Luapula River Milenge
Mumbotuta falls Site 1 300 Luapula River Milenge

The province is looking for some more credible investors to take advantage of the aforementioned sites to invest in power generation in the province.

Investment in the production of solar energy has been one of the latest developments in the Province and pilot projects have been undertaken by the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) at Mpata township in Samfya District and in Kasomalunga of the new Lunga District. However, the potential for the developments of solar energy in the province also remains immeasurable.