Aquaculture and Fishing

Investment in aquaculture will be throughout the province as the entire province has enough surface and underground water. Investing in this area will ease fishing pressure on lakes and rivers and allow for their regrowth.

In terms of fish cage culture in the province, this is a new technology being promoted. The potential in this area is abundant as has been showcased by a few demonstrations that have been done in the province. A number of   sites in the Bangweulu and Mweru-Luapula fisheries have undergone environmental impact assessments (EIA) and are earmarked for investment.

The following sites have been approved for cage fishing:-

  1. Lake Bangweulu: Lake Chifunabuli, Chishi Island, Mbabala  Island,  Mwase,  Lake  Kamponda,  Kasongole  and  Chinueshiba  as  suitable sites.
  2. Lake Mweru-Luapula: Kashiba in Mwense, Katotoma in Kawambwa, Nchelenge  Central in Nchelenge  Districts, Kasonge and Lukwesa in Mwense District, Kashikishi, Ntoto, Kafututuma  and  Kabuta  in  Nchelenge  District  and  Kafulwe,  Kalembwe  and  Chienge Central  in  Chienge  District

Furthermore, the ambient water temperatures prevailing tend to favour rapid maturity of the farmed fish.

The government is seeking for inventors to venture into fish cage culture and set up fish processing plants at each of the fish farming communities. Fish processing will be in the following ways:

  • Blast frozen fish/fish steaks mainly for supermarkets as well as for export;
  • “Iced” fish for supply to the Zambian Market especially to the Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces;
  • Sun dried fish including chapatwa;
  • Supply of fish tailings (i.e. remains from processed fish) for livestock feed production and supply to pig farmers;
  • The medium to long term should start with canning the fish for export and for sale to the security forces, other government/private institutions such as hospitals, boarding schools and colleges/universities