Luapula Province has enormous mineralisation of manganese ore deposits and several other mineral deposits. Minerals available include Copper, Iron, Manganese, lime, Gemstones and Gold among other minerals. These minerals are available in specified districts in the province.

By the end of March 2017, the province had a total of 54 mining valid license owners plus 125 exploration licenses and the number keeps on increasing as the applications are processed on a daily basis due to the available mineral resources in Luapula province. However, currently only the mining of manganese is more prevalent but is also done at a very small scale due to limited capital for mining operations.

The Province has various opportunities of investments in mining and is particularly looking for an investor to put up a ‘’manganese refining plant’’ as this will create employment for the local people. The investor can be facilitated to hold discussions with the local mining license owners for acquisition of mining rights.

Opportunities remain unexploited for the mining of lime deposits in Matanda area of Mansa District and thus for production of quick lime for use in the Mines, Agriculture and Livestock Sectors. However, the availability of lime deposits remains unexploited for the production of cement. The exploration for the existence of oil and gas deposited are also currently being undertaken in the province.

Like other parts of the country, mineral and oil explorations have not been fully explored. Therefore, the potential of the Mining industry remains untapped and thus the Province is looking for investors who can do extensive exploration works.