About North – Western

General Characteristics of the Province

The province shares borders with two countries, namely; Angola to the west and Congo DR to the north. It also shares boundaries with three other Provinces of Zambia namely; Copperbelt, Central and Western Provinces. This strategic location provides the potential for investment in road and rail transport, entailing an increase in traffic in lucrative trade for Zambia’s agriculture and manufactured products.

Today the province is much known for its giant open pit mining ventures, in the names of Kansanshi and Lumwana mines. The story of the sleeping potential in hydro power, the citrus fruit production – like the Mwinilunga pineapple fields and others, high quality organic honey collection and a roaring village industry in weaved reeds furniture and home decors remain untold and untapped. So is the potential for tourism that is anchored on rich cultural diversity characterized by about 17 traditional ceremonies and dances.

North Western Province is not only home to the source of the great Zambezi river sitting on the rugged hills of the Kalene Hills, but it has several rivers that provide picturesque landscape that could be tapped for various investment in tourism. The rivers have also nourished the plains suitable for livestock grazing and cultivation of rice and vegetables for commercial purposes. At the same time, the province boasts of less tampered with forests of indigenous trees.

With the booming population, following increased mining activity, there is also great potential for housing and other social amenities to meet the unsatisfied demand trends.